August 17th, 2017
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optioned by tnt Its gonna be a TV SERIES!!!

I am SO happy!
August 13th, 2017
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and I am here for it. Ava Duvernay is adapting one of Octavia Butler's books "Dawn" for tv and I am here for it. And "Black America" is coming from Aaron MacGruder and I am here for it. And there will be wine this evening and I am here for that too.
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pretty good on the personal front, if a bit busy. But on the world front there be nazis marching and that nitwit in the white house trying his best to fuck us over and a general ramp up of fear and loathing. I need to read hope in the dark again.  A big thank you and strength to all who are resisting the rise of fascism in our country. may those efforts prevent us from falling off the cliff. there has got to be a country that stopped this shit before the genocides right?

I did some writing this week. havent counted it yet, but  there were words. i need to learn to manage my time more effectively now so i will be getting the seven habits of effective teens workbook as soon as i have some cash.
August 11th, 2017
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 Post originally from the drag queen Naomi Munroe, posted without a cut bar the one image because the point needs stated in full. I'd apologize for this in any other context but this one. The people who are doing this are connected to an Atlanta LGBTQIA magazine called Wussy, and they and their supporters have been the ones constantly reporting and banning them. And Naomi is a they/them enby, so....

So the time before last when I'd gotten banned...yes I'm referring to 3 30 day bans since APRIL...

I received a message from FB at the top of the page in the same place as "On this Day"/Obnoxious Holiday themed messages appear...the message from FB asked if I'd like to participate in a survey regarding my experience with Facebook. I of course pounced on the opportunity and scheduled myself as available the following day. They didn't contact me until a few days later and then a person who told me they were working for Facebook asked me if I'd be comfortable answering a few questions, I agreed.

The link in question to that original notification:

Image behind cut )

He asked how long I'd been on the site (I said I wasn't sure but I knew it was more than 6 maybe 7 or 8 years) asked how was my overall experience ( I said abysmal) He asked me to go into detail and I expounded that the majority of that time I've spent banned from posting because of Facebook's broken reporting feature and their blatant AntiBlackness and Transphobia.  

I talked briefly and passionately about the nature of each time I'd been banned, how racists, Nazis, Transphobes, are able to say what they want without repercussions, but if Black and especially Black and Trans people try to defend themselves they are banned. If they post screenshots they're banned. Even if they say the word wh!te. Talked about how Trans People still have to deadname themselves, how Black people are banned for the faintest slight against an all encompassing wh!te supremacy that wants them dead and silenced and how these polices aid in that. How nearly all these wh!te terrorists had an active social media presence that was unchecked. How FB is a safe haven for Nazis, Klansmen, Transphobes, and even Child Pornographers (and cited a BBC article in which FB was under investigation regarding that and then FB allegedly tried to frame the journalists). How with "real name policies" abusers can follow their victims...I tried to address every concern I could think of as quickly and direct as possible because I knew I'd be recorded and I knew this is one of the rare moments with a direct line to FB HQ. I mentioned the staggeringly low amount of Black FB employees working at FB and cited a 2% figure I'd read in another article to prepare for the interview...which he corrected me on and said it's WAAAAAY less than that and said the last time a Black person walked on their campus it had DOUBLED their representation.

I called out the racist nature of their staff allowing Black Lives Matter banners to be destroyed repeatedly. I brought up every issue I could think of. He told me that FB was working on those issues and they wanted to stay in touch with me. He also read the last reason I was banned and said that there was nothing wrong with what I'd said (it was an article about wh!te aggression and how when wh!te people ask Black folx if their social justice posts mean they hate wh!te people...and the author and I both said yes) and took the 30 day ban off my account that had been on for a little over a week or 2.

He then said they would like to stay in contact with me so I could address these issues further, would send me an email (and a $50 Amazon gift card for the trouble. It never came spoiler alert), but in order for me to be able to address those issues I'd have to go 40 days without getting banned...and they'd even clear my slate so I wouldn't get an automatic 30 days for the slightest infringement (something I'd said over and over again in the Support Inbox any time I'd get banned addressing their blatant racism and transphobia) 40 days...on an app where folx get banned for saying s!lence is v!olence.

I told him as much and said that the test shouldn't be whether I could survive their arbitrary, anti-Black and ever changing community standards that only protect wh!te supremacist fragility but that FB can go 40 days without harassing Black and Trans People. He said the email would be a direct line to him and he would PERSONALLY APPROVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF MY POSTS, like I NEEDED A DAMN BABY SITTER. The equivalent of when Barney's Employees get caught being racist and then offer Black people a chance to shop with the store closed so now EVERY employee can watch them and make sure they're not up to something. I told him that not only do I post entirely too much for that to EVER work but that it's insulting and DOES NOT FIX THE PROBLEM.

Hire more Black and Trans staff so the people who are determining whether or not a post is racist or transphobic ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING. Babysit your racist coworkers, instead of this impossible task that serves no one and just gives y'all time between scandals. He said we'd have to address that in the following emails and he looked forward to chatting with me over the next 40 days. I thought at this point at least I have a direct line to FB and even told my FB followers as much in case they still had to deal with FBs anti-Blackness and Transphobia (I said I'd do as much and he said he would never tell me not to post something which what is the point of these 45 days then?).

Instead of sending every single thing I was going to post before I posted it I utilized that email to send screenshots of FBs racism and Transphobia, of Black activists being banned, of a Black activist being banned to the point her IP Address wasn't usable...he never responded personally to these emails but the latter Activist I mentioned did have their IP Address unbanned within 3 days of my email so I'm unsure if that had anything to do with it or if they'd never planned on correcting any of their Anti-Blackness. I didn't want to squander this access on just protecting my account. If he was interested in me making an impact...why wait the 45 days?

I'd collect evidence now and send it. I'd replied to his original email over 10 times and never got a direct response. I'd pointed out that if the number of emails I was sending seems overwhelming, think of the amount of emails you'd receive if I sent you one before EACH AND EVERY SINGLE POST I MADE. And would have to wait I guess seemingly forever for a response. I would never find out what would happen after the 45 day trial because as fate would have it someone reported A POST I MADE DEFENDING MUSLIM PEOPLE AND WISHING THEM A SAFE RAMADAN. I of course was flabbergasted it was one of the most benign things I'd ever said to get me banned but it honestly does not matter what I post, legit anything can get taken down.

I'd contacted the FB connect a few more times with no response and contacted a few podcasts I knew that reported on Tech and SocioPolitical issues including the Reply All Podcast. I waited the 30 days out and my page was up for a few more weeks until ultimately...I've been banned again for 30 MORE days just before Dragon Con, and this time for saying to a violent and disgusting Transphobe that he was "objectively ugly". This wasn't a post, this was a comment, and one buried under 100 other comments on a Pro-Trans post that had over 2.2K shares...someone at FB has personally made it their mission to fuck with me.

It is damn near impossible for a Black Trans person to keep their page public and pro-dismantling the oppressions that want them dead. I keep my page public for accessibility...for every sorry ass racist transphobe that stumbles their sad ass on my posts there are a dozen other people that are so thrilled they found a space where they're validated, celebrated, and their oppressors are masticated then defecated.

And this is coming from someone who has as many followers as I do some Black Trans folx are tryna be heard on this site that wants them desperately silenced and don't have as nearly a big reach as me...(which is why I try to signal boost as much as possible...)

How many times do they have to go through that shit? How many days can they go without a safety net? How do y'all sleep at night?

August 6th, 2017
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After a long stretch of not reading very much at all, I've picked up several books to prepare for my trip to Russia in three weeks....

Russia and the Russians by Geoffrey Hosking is a decent one-volume history, although it has very little good to say about the orthodox church.

The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin's Russia by Orlando Figes is a monumental work of social history. Difficult to follow because there are so many stories included as part of it, but a page-turning account of the worldview of ordinary Russians under Stalinism. Humans will go through so many mental contortions to make their lives livable, understandable or justifiable for themselves.

Second-Hand Time by Svetlana Alexievich is a collective oral history of the transition from Soviet to post-Soviet Russia. She won the Nobel prize for literature despite writing non-fiction; this is an amazing collection of stories. Impressionistic and vivid. One of the most emotionally difficult books I've read, ever, but this is not a dis-recommendation. Just be prepared.

And on top of this I'm trying to get back into my Icelandic. Another go at Pálssaga by Ólafur Jóhann Sigurðsson, which tells the story of Iceland in the World War II era from the point of view of a young journalist.


In the wake of the Tour de France, there have been so many different cycling races on simultaneously. I picked the Vuelta a Burgos partly because of the start list but mostly because of the commentating team of Matt Stephens and Brian Smith. They're not as tactically oriented as David Millar but they offer great insights on the riders. OK, they did spend about five minutes talking about one rider before remembering he wasn't in the race, but that was endearing.

I've been hearing here and there about Comrade Detective, the new Amazon comedy whose shtick is that it's a 'rediscovered' cop show from '80s Romania intended to glorify Communism. Reviews are mixed. The Guardian liked it a lot. Neither Variety nor Vulture think it's actually meant to be funny. Vanity Fair focuses on the idea that it's meant to be a statement about propaganda.

But I would like to hear more thoughts from Romanians. There's some unsurprisingly unamused commentary from vrabia on Tumblr, which has only whetted my appetite for a detailed deconstruction.

Anyway I've watched the first episode and... I wouldn't call it good, but it's intriguing? The setting, the visuals seem really well done, and I'm half willing to watch it just for its evocation of '80s Bucharest. The fact that they hired Romanian actors and then dubbed the whole thing as a star vehicle for American actors probably tells you all you need to know. Very literally talked over. The characters and plot are formulaic but that's the point... it's an evocation and celebration of the (Western) genre. The Communist ideology seems notably off-kilter and I say that as someone who's not an expert in Communist ideology. And yet there's something fascinating about how mixed and meta and just weird the whole thing is. In cultural appropriation terms it obviously gets a 9.9 out of 10, but I may keep watching because I'm curious. I wonder whether it will be a Yuletide fandom, and if so, what people will do with it.

(This also makes me want to watch more films/TV that were actually made behind the Iron Curtain. Someone seems to have uploaded a selection of Russian classics to Daily Motion... The Irony of Fate, Office Romance, Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears...)

I keep trying to decide whether or not I actually want to go and see Dunkirk. By the time I decide it won't be in the cinemas any longer.

And finally I really want to see Icarus, a new documentary about drug testing in cycling that accidentally revealed exactly how much the head of Moscow's Anti-Doping Centre knew about how to beat the system.


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