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posted by [personal profile] mmoa_writes at 01:44am on 08/07/2009 under , ,
I'm really not sure why I don't like Torchwood as much as I should and I've been feeling like this ever since the third episode, series one. It has everything I usually crave for in sci-fi*, but for some reason it never seems to get me.

So far I've spent the first two episodes of 'Children of Earth' showing off my knowledge of British actors to my younger sisters and being mean about Stagecoach child actors. I can't even resort to slagging off the science as I usually do with sci-fi, because nothing's really come up (that's beyond the usual stuff I'd whine about). It certainly is much better than the wtfery of the second series and I don't get the feeling the writers are forcing me to care about something they've given me no reason to do so about in the previous storylines - apart from Gwen's prgnancy, which was a cheap shot I'll have you know. I thought she didn't want a kid (at least for the time being), and it's hardly a desireable state to be in when you're running around saving the world. Come on, guys, or is a female character sensibly opting for an abortion just too much for you?


The alien menace will descend tomorrow, however, so hopefully something will turn up and I can get all snooty again.

*Although it is remarkably coy about it's sex scenes. Really boring stuff actually. Just a load of random 'passionate' kissing when I want is suitably odd fetishes (minor or major, I don't really care), excruciating detail and shots framed by arches of c... *coughs* yes. Well, clearly I'll just have to write my own sodding sci-fi drama. It will have bollocks characterisation and no story whatsoever, but at least the science will be spot on and there'll be lots of sex.

EDIT: Having just watched the third episode, I can safely say I enjoyed it a lot. There might be hope for me after all.
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posted by [identity profile] at 01:31am on 08/07/2009
It will have bollocks characterisation and no story whatsoever, but at least the science will be spot on and there'll be lots of sex.

You have my blessing in this.
posted by [identity profile] at 10:04pm on 08/07/2009
*bows* Thank you, sire!
posted by [identity profile] at 01:53am on 09/07/2009
So much sci-fi reverses that, alas... You'll be doing the world a favor.
posted by [identity profile] at 09:50pm on 09/07/2009
It's embarrassing to realise just how much 'sci' was in some of the old sci-fi (even Star Trek at it's hokiest could outdo some of the stuff today) and how unimaginative modern sci-fi has become, especially with that bordering-on-urban-fantasy thing they keep on doing. I don't mind alternate dimensions popping up all over the place, but when a fantasy-esque 'demon'/death incarnate/elf keeps on coming through, you have to draw the line!
posted by [identity profile] at 01:22am on 10/07/2009
The exact same thing is one of my biggest complaints about the new stuff! Fantasy is one thing, scifi is another; and they can be combined but it's a difficult matter.
posted by [identity profile] at 03:35am on 08/07/2009
Torchwood is like a Kilgore Trout Tv Show: great premise, not so great show.

If the plot ends with Gwen getting an abortion I will be very happy though. Gwen and her husband is my favorite, most genuinely feminist portrayel of a relationship in all of science fiction.
posted by [identity profile] at 10:10pm on 08/07/2009
I have so much love for Rhys, even in the first series when he was basically a Welshie-Mickey. My love for him continues unabated in 'Children of Men' so far.

I also agree with you on his and Gwen's relationship - at first I wondered why she'd tell him she was only three weeks pregnant but now I'm thinking that'll give the writers a chance to make Rhys shine all the more. Either that or a sly plot to make the audience 'care' more about what happens to her. Somehow I suspect the latter...


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