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It is actually going well. The only problem is that I can't type fast enough - my mind is always some four chapters ahead, poor fingers.

Am also on the verge of completing several chapters worth of revision and have had to open a new file for all the cuts that, whilst they do clog up the story, are quite nice by themselves and can always be referred to for later descriptions/etc.

Watched two episodes of the new series of Private Practice on Living TV. Mein Gott but it's awful - so many issues, my sisters and I spent most of our time pausing it so we could slag it off as thoroughly as possible. One of the things that bugged me was the sheer gall of it, which is one of the same problems I had with the L word, come to think of it, and they're both set in similar locations. A load of privileged nonsense, like Gossip Girl meets ER.

Firstly there's the obligatory 'ethical dilemmas' storylines (designer/sacrifical babies, euthanisia, sterilisation, incest (?)) that are all neatly, and often nonsensically as in the case of the incestuous sibling couple, tied up by the end of the episode. Frankly, if the fact that you have no clients for whom health insurance is a bit of a problem doesn't bother you, why you'd get your knickers in a twist over designer babies, tying a healthy young woman's fallopian tubes and so on when the poor saps clearly have enough money to do so, I have no idea whatsoever. I feel no sympathy for their 'ethical/medical dilemmas', probably because I watch the Holby City crew doing a far better job of it, but also because their entire existence is a pretty big dilemma which none of them has the remotest problem with.

Then there's the rankness of the characters and how they relate to each other (and it really is like a sub-par, washed out, copy and paste of Scrubs, but 'realistic'). You have the black superwoman with marital problems (LaVerne meets Kelso/ black Carla) her rather uninspiring husband who gives out random ghetto platitudes one minute then inexplicably becomes uber-doctor for a few seconds the next (Turk), the black woman's straight-talking, empowered, white best friend who has issues with designer babies (Jordan) - born to save an older sibling in this case - but not with incestuous siblings, the complementary medicine quack (Cox) who is meanTM but whom no one seems to have any sort of idealogical issues with in spite of the fact that they're all too quick to trot out 'I believe in science! Biology! Vogue Magazine!' lines when the fates deem it necessary. There's also the endearing male-female best friend double act who alone are the reason I will be trying to catch this show whenever I can. It is basically JD and Elliot, with the Elliot character reminding me of the student-socialist type I often meet on campus and the JD being just plain hillarious. He's also sleeping with a Texan who doesn't 'do' relationships. Of course the magic of his penis wins her over eventually, but for a second there, I thought they'd make do with just being whatever they are without the need for acceptance by the tribal elders, sorry, best friend and co. Ah, well. I live in hope.

If I'm honest though, I'm not sure if the JD-Elliot thing is really enough because there is so much crap on the whole. Since the practise was opened, it's been run by the black superwoman (who incidentally, played Mr Warbuck's secretary in the 1997 Disney adaptation of Annie. She was awesome.) but is now in the red. Once she reveals this to her best friend who promises not to tell anyone, the best friend tells the Turk character who takes it upon himself to publicly fire his wife from the position he'd never put her in in the first place (try not to think about this too much, it might hurt) and take control of the finances. Understandably, she is furious but instead of them apologising, they go around in their infinte male/white wisdom saying stuff like 'you're going to forgive me eventually' which to me would be legitimate reason to invest in a 45 and a shovel. To top it all, when Turk-husband-guy's tactics don't work to turn the financial situation around, he throws his wife's words back at her by asking her to 'have a little faith' in him. What a penis. Don't ask me why, but I was rather hoping the hippy-Elliot would then lead a people's revolt, depose the tyrant, and run the practise as a socialist outpost. No such luck. Instead, black superwoman grudgingly gives her husband some faith (or sex. Same thing really) and all is sort-of well.

There was also a character I read as gay, but apparently he isn't. He left the practise in the first episode and I was angry with him for doing so. His likeness to High Scool Musical's Ryan Evans was a sudden reminder of that NC-17 Troy/Chad/Ryan slashfic I have to write someday.

Further proof that I should just shut up, sit down and write my own goddamn sci-fi drama is Torchwood. Someone should tell Russell T that for all he's a talented penis, there's only so much of his masturbating-and-coming-in-my face I can take (major gripe #120568: especially when you call it sci-fi). I will carry on watching it because I hate not seeing how something ends, even - nay, especially - if it's crap, but it's becoming really irksome. The only thing he can write effectively seems to be white-cis-gay-secular-male centred drama, which, to be perfectly frank, we need far more of (seriously. Torchwood would still work if everyone in it was white, cis-male, gay, atheist and hot. I mean, it would still tick more boxes than the average sci-fi drama does). The only problem is he thinks he can write other stuff too. He really needs to be stopped.

Oh, that reminds me: hey Gwen, you know how you don't really want a kid right now and it might interfere with your saving the world? Ever heard of abortion? You can get it done completely free if you get in there early enough like, maybe, next episode? Just thought you'd like to know.

Ah, sci-fi, ever so charmingly in denial about your regressive tendencies.
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