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...the terminally uninteresting update! )I had plans to buy a new microscope but that has become a pipe dream as what I really need is a new laptop. My poor old man that is my iBook G4 has started blacking out again. Obviously the Power Manager needs to be reset, but it isn't falling for the usual tricks anymore. Ah well. It's certainly lasted.

*This is one of those never to be solved mysteries of science. Despite being constantly reminded that science is all about practice, we of studentkind always find there are remarkably few problems given for us to solve and even fewer with any sort of answer to check whether we are right. I suppose it's training like that which separates the weedy and wannabe from the Nobel Prize Winners. Sometimes, I've often wondered if it isn't some kind of cruel torture passed down by generations of scientists - "so you want to be a real scientist, huh?" they seem to be saying, "want to feel the pain of never knowing if what you've spent your life (ok, half an hour) working on will even turn out to be right? Well suck it up, ducks - if we had to suffer, you must too! This is what real science feeeeels like!"

The funny thing is, those of us who want to be lecturers/researchers have already admitted that we will likely be just as bad, if not worse, to our poor descendants in the path of science.
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RIP Diana Wynne Jones

I knew it was coming soon as she had been seriously ill for a while, but I feel broken. Diana Wynne Jones was my role model for writing fantasy - dammit for writing in general. She was the only writer who I could read over and over, whether over a period of seconds or years, without feeling like something was missing.

I am so grateful she was feeling better in her last months, but I am sad because I will never read another Chrestomanci story, or find out how long Sophie managed to put up with Howl before she poisoned his soup!
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 Oh BBC! That word, sci-fi? I don't think it means what you think it means.

And you'd save a hell of a lot more money if you just got rid of whoever composes those scores for you. 

Think about it.
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 ‘Critics are like eunuchs; they know what’s supposed to happen – they just can’t manage it themselves.’ ~ Søren  Kierkegaard
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Of late I've been working on a series of paintings, some of which will be available as prints. Here's some of the latest, all 7"x5" and done in watercolour and gouache on canvas (and yes I have learnt my lesson. Yes, it's definitely paper next time). When I get the website going, the prints should be easy to order etc etc. For now, this is just a preview.
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Music, Money and Hip Hop Honeys was a look into the world of the infamous 'video chick' so common across the UK and US hip hop scenes. Overall, I found it well presented with Hedayat's informal method of interviewing played to it's strength. She managed to ask probing questions in a way the interviewee wouldn't find too rude whilst still challenging their ideas and allowing hers to be challenged at the same time. Her silences, though, were just as golden as her interviews, and I can't wait until she presents another documentary. Considering the dearth of intelligent young women on TV these days, I found her to be a breath of fresh air.

Music, Money and Hip-Hop Honeys )

I think it was just hearing the way the young men spoke about the women they exploit that makes me (still) feel rather sad. Both sexes were depicted as playing some game with each other, but the playing field seems pretty well skewed to me.

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Random A/N: on a very superficial positive side, I finally found out the name of this amazing tune I am hooked on:
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