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Between Uni and Physics and my awful discipline, it seems I haven't been updating my journals (or reading any of my f-lists/reading lists shame be upon me) of late but have no fear! Soon I will be stuck in my bedroom revising the hell out of Electrodynamics and Chaos theories (non-integer dimensions wf? The worst thing is that it actually makes some sense...) and so I'll probably make up for it.

Of late I have actually been reading books - non-physics related books as well! First there was 'Love and Other Demons' which was absolutely gorgeous, written in the sparse style I love so much where the beauty lies in the mere observation of human behaviour rather than in the florid prose (which can be nice - you're talking to a Mervyn Peake fangirl here - but often distracting) describing it.

I then devoured 'Empress' by Karen Miller and am currently finding myself epically  (yes already! Not even 50 pages in as well) disappointed by 'The Riven Kingdom' which happens to be the sequel. I am determined to finish the entire trilogy but I have been warned not to get my hopes up, which is a shame as I got a real buzz reading 'Empress'. Like reading Abercrombie for the first (and second and third and...) I will definitely try out the 'Kingmaker, Kingbreaker' duology though, as that sounds entirely fantastic.
But more on that later when I don't have a lab report to finish.
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 So last night was my first viewing of The Review Show since the new year. It didn't get off to a good start when I realised it was being presented by Martha Kearney who I always find a bit too... something. I'm not sure if that something is nice, or insipid. I certainly don't think she's an idiot, however, or lacking in taste.

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Yesterday was really the epitome of the suckiness of this week, (hence the whiny post) as I'd managed to fail a programming unit, (thus) miss a really fascinating colloquia and piss off my tutor more than I normally do

I know I shouldn't let little things make a rip roaring roller coaster out of my emotional state(!), but, well. I should just try not to take myself too seriously (hahaha, oh who am I kidding?).

EDIT: AW MAN, Kompozer! Why you no download? Look at how well GIMP's behaving. Don't you want to be like GIMP?
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You know Mandelson, maybe if you guys had been better at self-promotion, communicating with your electorate and perhaps not going to fucking war like a bunch of idiotic Kipling-fed public school boys, Labour wouldn't be 'fighting for it's life' right now?

What is it with these people?

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And I have books! So many books! I can't believe how much I've spent in charity shops on books thus far, not to talk of the library ones. I'm so ridiculous. I still need books on C++ and Advanced Dynamics as well so clearly I'm going to have to snap out of my slothful habits and get back to studying. I used to be so good at it, but then A-levels came along and I became the disillusioned youth you all know and love so well...
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Went to the local Salvation army store and got a nice cheap straw hat to tinker with, when I also picked up a copy of the 'Merlin' DVD for 50p, some old tv movie/series featuring Sam Neill who seems to specialise in this sort of thing. 3 hours or pure tattertainment, the way tv movies do best.

I will make my way down again tomorrow and see if I can find anything else that will prevent me from doing revision. Don't quite know why, but I've always had a weakness for tv movies. I've yet to see a truly bad one - they're either so bad they're good, or just about ok.

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In short, the Internet is amazing.

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