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Arrived in Manchester yesterday after the train was delayed by over an hour. Got the key to our house, chose a bedroom and proceeded to indulge in a riot of silliness with my little sisters before traipsing off to the city centre to get bedsheets and stuff. Unfortunately, there was too much stuff to get, so I'm leaving most of it for tomorrow and Tuesday. So far, I've only met one of our surprise flatmates and luckily she seems quite nice, though clearly prefers her own company which is fine. The other guy - named Giovanni and yes, he's actually Italian - is apparently very easy going so all in all, that bodes well for the rest of the year.
me and my comics )

Now I'm all on my lonesome (sort of), with my beloved little sisters hurtling back Londonwards on a train and a depressingly long shopping list by my side. I'd like to think we had a thoroughly good time today - we were exhausted for a lot of yesterday which cut down our walkabout of Manchester - firstly at the Manchester Museum (which is such an odd jamboree of all things scholarly, I always liken it to a Victorian gentleman's chest of curiosities. There are dinosaur skeletons, live snake, frog and lizard enclosures, a plethora of stuffed animals and Ancient Egyptian mummies. The eclectic sholarliness is just insane!) and then around the shopping centre. My loving hatred of American Apparel has been successfully rekindled as has my littlest sister's obscene love for it.
District 9: so many spoilers ahead, this post has gone black with decay. My apologies. )

So, to sum up, 'District 9' is very very good. The jarring shift between documentary, realtime footage and traditional narrative is easily smoothed over by the pace and emotional potency of the film. There are indeed race issues, but not of the kind which are deserving of a boycott.

You can, of course, do so anyway, but then you'd miss out on an opportunity to blog about it.

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Did a short talk at my old school with the current A2 Physics students. Moi turned inspirationalist )

Tuesday evening saw myself and my sisters at the cinema to watch Dorian Gray again, mostly to pick out the things we really hated about it (yes, yes, I know. Does it really surprise you that I should turn out to be one of those annoying people who stay at the end of the credits and start comparing film studies lectures?). Just for emphasis, 'Dorian Gray' has problems... )

Other strands of stupidity included the randomly inserted 'abuse by evil grandfather' backstory to Gray (and can I mention how tired I am of the 's/he abused me because I reminded him of her/his dead daughter/son/whatever, who was my mother/father/whatever' thing. It's bloody stupid) and the CGI painting. When I first watched the film, I rather liked it. Now, it just makes the conceit far too absurd to be effective. It's no wonder Wilde considered the book unadaptable for stage (and presumably film if he'd known of it).

Mother Courage and Her Children )

Hopefully off to see District 9 tomorrow. I know there's been some talk of racism with the portrayal of the Nigerian gangsters, but part of me can't help feel it sounds somewhat realistic. Whilst the rest of the world quakes in terror at the arrival of an alien menace, we would probably be finding which bits increase the virility of the male human and which bits we could sell as suya meat.

That would be before we take over the world, of course. Alien bush meat and Malt Guiness would make for a truly terrifying combination.

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First, the dinosaurs... )

Anyway. I really shouldn't be judging such awesome creatures by our standards. I mean, we're stupid.

Dorian Gray; Spoilers ahead )

Ah, I don't know. It was just generally disappointing. I don't know if it's because I ate a snicker's bar before watching it, or drank sparkling water or whatever. It all seemed a bit pointless...

...with absolutely nothing to say about today's celebrity culture, actually. Sorry Mr Director, but maybe you should try for another film studies thesis because you were talking out of your arse. Grrr.


I have been absolutely pathetic this week. I did go out to the British library with [ profile] athenethequeen , but that's been about it. So, I missed several comedy shows, several trips to various London markets and two plays at the NT. I really don't know what's wrong with me - I'd like to think I'm missing Nigeria (or at least, Chinyenye) but I think I'm just being truly slothful. I have done practically none of the outside reading or general work that I was meant to, and have been out of bed by noon on two days out of five. I'm not even mildly melancholic so I suspect it's the whole 'one week to Uni' kicking in. Wonderful.


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