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Arrived in Manchester yesterday after the train was delayed by over an hour. Got the key to our house, chose a bedroom and proceeded to indulge in a riot of silliness with my little sisters before traipsing off to the city centre to get bedsheets and stuff. Unfortunately, there was too much stuff to get, so I'm leaving most of it for tomorrow and Tuesday. So far, I've only met one of our surprise flatmates and luckily she seems quite nice, though clearly prefers her own company which is fine. The other guy - named Giovanni and yes, he's actually Italian - is apparently very easy going so all in all, that bodes well for the rest of the year.
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Now I'm all on my lonesome (sort of), with my beloved little sisters hurtling back Londonwards on a train and a depressingly long shopping list by my side. I'd like to think we had a thoroughly good time today - we were exhausted for a lot of yesterday which cut down our walkabout of Manchester - firstly at the Manchester Museum (which is such an odd jamboree of all things scholarly, I always liken it to a Victorian gentleman's chest of curiosities. There are dinosaur skeletons, live snake, frog and lizard enclosures, a plethora of stuffed animals and Ancient Egyptian mummies. The eclectic sholarliness is just insane!) and then around the shopping centre. My loving hatred of American Apparel has been successfully rekindled as has my littlest sister's obscene love for it.
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So, to sum up, 'District 9' is very very good. The jarring shift between documentary, realtime footage and traditional narrative is easily smoothed over by the pace and emotional potency of the film. There are indeed race issues, but not of the kind which are deserving of a boycott.

You can, of course, do so anyway, but then you'd miss out on an opportunity to blog about it.

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I'm actually quite pleased with how my reading went over the summer. Alright, so I didn't actually finish any of the books that I was reading for the first time (apart from 'A Sentimental Journey', but that was short) and I left the Aristotle completely untouched, but I managed to read some of a theology book for the first time ever and lots of Conrad who - even with Achebe's disapproval - I think is one of the best writers of his age. The theology was titled 'Honest to God' by John AT Robinson and is the sort of book you begin hating the author for, if only because they seem to completely agree with you (and if you're me, you take that as a negative). Maybe that's why I haven't finished reading it.

What I did seem to get really into were all the books I'd read before, 'Gormenghast' by Mervyn Peake and the entire output of Tamora Pierce. I had plans, for some reason, to leave Gormenghast in Nigeria as the cornerstone of my library but between seeing the damage the alliance between the cockroach and moth can do, and just why I loved it so, I decided against it. The language is so beautiful, it makes me want to read dictionaries and study Latin so I can make up whole new words. Reading through my novel so far made me want to weep at how thin my own writing is and yet how even if I tried to fatten it up, I could never achieve Peake's balance between the grandiose and the gothic macabre. It's very frustrating.

As for Tamora Pierce, well, I found her frustrating in many other ways.

Let me give thee the reasons why... )So, in short, the only downside to Pierce is, being such an intelligent writer, she invites you to be an intelligent reader which can sometimes be a bit of a headache. As a fan, it's even worse because one starts reading her interviews and realising the intentions she has for her writing, some realised and others a little bit insulting - there's an uncomfortable number of male gay characters, both major and minor, who end up evil or dead or both and it would have been nice to have an extremely femme lesbian as a main character for once (I think we're rather used to the near stereotype of muscly girls who eat a lot, but I suppose it wouldn't have been so bad if I'd been a Daja fan before). I suppose I'm just one of those terminally unsatisfied readers *shrugs*. 
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It is actually going well. The only problem is that I can't type fast enough - my mind is always some four chapters ahead, poor fingers.

Am also on the verge of completing several chapters worth of revision and have had to open a new file for all the cuts that, whilst they do clog up the story, are quite nice by themselves and can always be referred to for later descriptions/etc.

Watched two episodes of the new series of Private Practice on Living TV. Mein Gott but it's awful - so many issues, my sisters and I spent most of our time pausing it so we could slag it off as thoroughly as possible. One of the things that bugged me was the sheer gall of it, which is one of the same problems I had with the L word, come to think of it, and they're both set in similar locations. A load of privileged nonsense, like Gossip Girl meets ER.

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