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In that great and noble tradition of science students everywhere, due to the fact I am currently running an experiment (a really cool little simulation of linguistic evolution), I will use my time explaining in mind numbing, petty detail just what I thought about the last thing I watched instead of doing data analysis or catching up on sleep.

...Firefly! )
Anyway. I think I've spent too long talking about things that, of all the things that bothered me, didn't really bother me that much. I'm going to toddle off, run more simulations and try and catch up on the past few lectures on Superconductors and whatnot. 

And yes, I didn't go much into Mal's character because he was such a pain in the derriere, just thinking about it sends me into such a tizzy I couldn't write any critique in an even moderately coherent fashion.

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 Just taking a break from some math and by some strange sort of miracle found some episodes of the generally highly esteemed Firefly online (without having to go through any dodgy looking sites). Good Lord but it's mediocre. At first I thought it was terrible but then I remembered I'd sat through all six episodes of the BBCs sci-fi series 'Outcasts' which was truly, bizarrely terrible. That and the fact that I did come in with nonsensically high hopes, expecting a sort of Mad Men in space type thing ( It's alright Dr. Who, all is forgiven on your emotional blackmailer of a score and cliched dramatisms (that's not a real word, I know but it's late and I've forgotten the term for the tricks you use to induce suspense/boredom in your audience) I mean, the Doctor thinks fezes are cool. That nigh well covers a multitude of sins in my book).

Of course I will finish watching it. It'll give me something to think (and then write) about. Like why I should never become a writer. The idea of some pretentious hack blogger ripping one's baby to shreds almost brings me to tears.

Still, perhaps I shouldn't feel too sorry for Joss Whedon. It seems most people dug it.

Maybe I should check out Babylon 5 which everyone says is amazing. Or maybe I should just stick to the sci-fi in my head.

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 Oh BBC! That word, sci-fi? I don't think it means what you think it means.

And you'd save a hell of a lot more money if you just got rid of whoever composes those scores for you. 

Think about it.
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So... the first week of my research placement is over!

So far I've had to do thankfully very little programming by myself and have just had get used to MATLAB syntax (so much nicer for the inexperienced than C++) though the most difficult part of it was trying to find the right piece of code amongst all the junk of various Mphys/Masters and PhD projects of the past (and there was so much of it. Running the amount of data we got from the experiment through them all was a nightmare!). In spite of various complaints concerning memory and the lack thereof (which resulted in one of the worst timed crashes I've ever had to put up with), I think I've ended this week at a good place: I have plenty of graphs and just need to do some tutorials with Origin (yet another program to get to grips with. I reckon I should look over Mathematica too just in case) over the weekend so I can get a good fit to the results come Monday.

Last night went was great as well. I was more concerned that the writers we had speaking wouldn't have found it worth their while but they definitely seemed to having a lot of fun talking with each other, meeting their fans and I hope they enjoyed the panel/audience discussion. I know I certainly did. I learned a whole range of things (most fascinatingly about the Ancient Romans. Apparently there's a new idea out there that the villas were agricultural workers housing rather than the senatorial palaces we've usually thought of them as which made the cogs in my inner Steampunker's mind turn rapidly), got to talk about fanfiction (mostly how nice it is to hear a pofessional writer being pro rather than seeing it as some work of the Devil working maliciously to sap the writers' powers) and a bunch of other stuff that will probably get filtered down into a megalong pretentious waffle of an essay.

Did I say I had fun?

EDIT: I've also found my dream laptop which is hella expensive, but, with the project award money I might just be able to get this september instead of next. It's one of those things - life in general is being pretty decent, but it's rather unpleasant how there's always something that's going woeful and it's always the something you care about most. Meh. Could be worse.
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An excerpt from a YA sci-fi novel I'm working on, the first version of which will hopefully be finished this summer.

*goes back to revising*


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Arrived in Manchester yesterday after the train was delayed by over an hour. Got the key to our house, chose a bedroom and proceeded to indulge in a riot of silliness with my little sisters before traipsing off to the city centre to get bedsheets and stuff. Unfortunately, there was too much stuff to get, so I'm leaving most of it for tomorrow and Tuesday. So far, I've only met one of our surprise flatmates and luckily she seems quite nice, though clearly prefers her own company which is fine. The other guy - named Giovanni and yes, he's actually Italian - is apparently very easy going so all in all, that bodes well for the rest of the year.
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Now I'm all on my lonesome (sort of), with my beloved little sisters hurtling back Londonwards on a train and a depressingly long shopping list by my side. I'd like to think we had a thoroughly good time today - we were exhausted for a lot of yesterday which cut down our walkabout of Manchester - firstly at the Manchester Museum (which is such an odd jamboree of all things scholarly, I always liken it to a Victorian gentleman's chest of curiosities. There are dinosaur skeletons, live snake, frog and lizard enclosures, a plethora of stuffed animals and Ancient Egyptian mummies. The eclectic sholarliness is just insane!) and then around the shopping centre. My loving hatred of American Apparel has been successfully rekindled as has my littlest sister's obscene love for it.
District 9: so many spoilers ahead, this post has gone black with decay. My apologies. )

So, to sum up, 'District 9' is very very good. The jarring shift between documentary, realtime footage and traditional narrative is easily smoothed over by the pace and emotional potency of the film. There are indeed race issues, but not of the kind which are deserving of a boycott.

You can, of course, do so anyway, but then you'd miss out on an opportunity to blog about it.

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I'm really not sure why I don't like Torchwood as much as I should and I've been feeling like this ever since the third episode, series one. It has everything I usually crave for in sci-fi*, but for some reason it never seems to get me.

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EDIT: Having just watched the third episode, I can safely say I enjoyed it a lot. There might be hope for me after all.


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