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So... the first week of my research placement is over!

So far I've had to do thankfully very little programming by myself and have just had get used to MATLAB syntax (so much nicer for the inexperienced than C++) though the most difficult part of it was trying to find the right piece of code amongst all the junk of various Mphys/Masters and PhD projects of the past (and there was so much of it. Running the amount of data we got from the experiment through them all was a nightmare!). In spite of various complaints concerning memory and the lack thereof (which resulted in one of the worst timed crashes I've ever had to put up with), I think I've ended this week at a good place: I have plenty of graphs and just need to do some tutorials with Origin (yet another program to get to grips with. I reckon I should look over Mathematica too just in case) over the weekend so I can get a good fit to the results come Monday.

Last night went was great as well. I was more concerned that the writers we had speaking wouldn't have found it worth their while but they definitely seemed to having a lot of fun talking with each other, meeting their fans and I hope they enjoyed the panel/audience discussion. I know I certainly did. I learned a whole range of things (most fascinatingly about the Ancient Romans. Apparently there's a new idea out there that the villas were agricultural workers housing rather than the senatorial palaces we've usually thought of them as which made the cogs in my inner Steampunker's mind turn rapidly), got to talk about fanfiction (mostly how nice it is to hear a pofessional writer being pro rather than seeing it as some work of the Devil working maliciously to sap the writers' powers) and a bunch of other stuff that will probably get filtered down into a megalong pretentious waffle of an essay.

Did I say I had fun?

EDIT: I've also found my dream laptop which is hella expensive, but, with the project award money I might just be able to get this september instead of next. It's one of those things - life in general is being pretty decent, but it's rather unpleasant how there's always something that's going woeful and it's always the something you care about most. Meh. Could be worse.
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Things I feel Strongly About
Gay Uganda

I'm currently on the 8th week of a C++ programming course an I have to say, it's the best thing ever. On the joys of C++ )
There has been some source of win, however. I've been accepted for the Student Associates teaching scheme come June, which should be an awesome experience. I've been advised to wait until the new year about possibilities of research placements in the University, but, with the SA acceptance, I won't be able to do any corporate research experience (so goodbye National Nuclear Lab, even if I were good enough to get in) because it would cut into the term of employment. I will definitely apply for other Universities, however - York and Lancaster are the nearest but *sighs* Imperial and UCL would be worth checking into as well, in case I start craving the London scene again.

Last night - apart from an amazing Choir Practise - I attended a discussion about the dissolution [or evolution] of the family unit. Dude, some of these paragraphs are pretty long and you've heard it all before... )

*blows fingers*

Oh yes. Choir pactise was amazing. We have a mostly Russian repertoire which includes the Coronation scene from Boris Godunov (which, which - listen to me! - happens to be the musical theme for the 'Fountain of Youth' episode of the Mighty Boosh series 1. Amazing eh? Unfortunately it means I crack up laughing every time the tenors sing 'Da zdravstvuyet Tsar Boris Feodorovich' because those are the exact bars with which the 'King' of planet Xooberon is announced. Ah, lol), two Cherubic hymns (which make me want to convert to Russian Orthodox) and the Polovetsian Dances from Prince Igor. It is all luvverly and now that my throat cold has gone, so wonderful to sing. Magic.

Saturday saw me at Leeds which was even better than the Birmingham convention Leeds! )

So... I'm feeling more or less content and have been for a week which is such an improvement. It feels amazing. I suspect I was just doing too much at the beginning of the year, but now I've cut out some societies - unless they're doing something genuinely interesting - I have spare time to focus on my degree, you know, the thing I'm actually getting money for *sighs*.

On a more devious note - because I want you all to be too distracted by the gorgeousness to do any work, comme moi - here are shiny new webcomics:

Moon Town

The Meek


The last two are more recently started, so now you'll look extra cool by reading a webcomic not many people have heard of. That is, of course, until I publish this post and my MILLIONS of readers spread the word about their marvellousness.


Goodness but I am in a good mood.

Off to break my neck in Jiu jitsu!
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