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...the terminally uninteresting update! )I had plans to buy a new microscope but that has become a pipe dream as what I really need is a new laptop. My poor old man that is my iBook G4 has started blacking out again. Obviously the Power Manager needs to be reset, but it isn't falling for the usual tricks anymore. Ah well. It's certainly lasted.

*This is one of those never to be solved mysteries of science. Despite being constantly reminded that science is all about practice, we of studentkind always find there are remarkably few problems given for us to solve and even fewer with any sort of answer to check whether we are right. I suppose it's training like that which separates the weedy and wannabe from the Nobel Prize Winners. Sometimes, I've often wondered if it isn't some kind of cruel torture passed down by generations of scientists - "so you want to be a real scientist, huh?" they seem to be saying, "want to feel the pain of never knowing if what you've spent your life (ok, half an hour) working on will even turn out to be right? Well suck it up, ducks - if we had to suffer, you must too! This is what real science feeeeels like!"

The funny thing is, those of us who want to be lecturers/researchers have already admitted that we will likely be just as bad, if not worse, to our poor descendants in the path of science.
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Of late I've been working on a series of paintings, some of which will be available as prints. Here's some of the latest, all 7"x5" and done in watercolour and gouache on canvas (and yes I have learnt my lesson. Yes, it's definitely paper next time). When I get the website going, the prints should be easy to order etc etc. For now, this is just a preview.
Printz! )
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Political Satire is Dead,
This I know
Because I watched
The 10 o'clock Live show.
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Between Uni and Physics and my awful discipline, it seems I haven't been updating my journals (or reading any of my f-lists/reading lists shame be upon me) of late but have no fear! Soon I will be stuck in my bedroom revising the hell out of Electrodynamics and Chaos theories (non-integer dimensions wf? The worst thing is that it actually makes some sense...) and so I'll probably make up for it.

Of late I have actually been reading books - non-physics related books as well! First there was 'Love and Other Demons' which was absolutely gorgeous, written in the sparse style I love so much where the beauty lies in the mere observation of human behaviour rather than in the florid prose (which can be nice - you're talking to a Mervyn Peake fangirl here - but often distracting) describing it.

I then devoured 'Empress' by Karen Miller and am currently finding myself epically  (yes already! Not even 50 pages in as well) disappointed by 'The Riven Kingdom' which happens to be the sequel. I am determined to finish the entire trilogy but I have been warned not to get my hopes up, which is a shame as I got a real buzz reading 'Empress'. Like reading Abercrombie for the first (and second and third and...) I will definitely try out the 'Kingmaker, Kingbreaker' duology though, as that sounds entirely fantastic.
But more on that later when I don't have a lab report to finish.
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A carnivorous sponge ranks among the top 10 winners for International Year of biodiversity.

Some self-analysis )

Anyway, just got an email from one of thenumerous jobsites that I'd subscribed to ages ago, telling me there's some jobs available. In New Zealand. Fruit-picking.

I had to wonder, is this one of those little, practically insignificant things that hints at a much wider problem, or is it just one of those little, practically insignificant things? Either way, the prospect of flying to the other side of the world to pick fruit sounds infinitely rewarding and infinitely amusing.

EDIT: The 'o' button on my iBook started being silly - I think it has some inconveniently situated crumbs somewhere - and that was when I typed a sentence with possibly the most 'o's ever needed.

I suppose I should be grateful I'm not writing in Igbo, though now I think about it, I think there are more 'i' sounds that seem to be required when writing.


Just appeasing my inner Pollyanna, I suppose. What other languages should I be grateful I don't have to write in if I've got a dodgy 'o'?

EDIT 2: Looking around for some Igbo language CDs and I came across this post in a naira forum:

All important Igbo phrases and you know what, I'm not even being sarcastic. At all. )

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Clegg does God - I rarely agree with Cranmer (or perhaps it's more that I don't want to agree with him), but this time I'm pretty much with him.

And because the posters have started popping up everywhere, here is a - rather old - post on the new Agora film.


Got back home today from London as I went there for the day, chiefly to check up on my mother who was struck by some horrible virus during the Easter holidays. She's much better - which was a relief - but what was really wonderful was seeing how everyone had rallied together to help her out; her colleagues have been calling her a lot and visiting, one in particular even doing some cooking every now and again; her supervisors have encouraged her to take two weeks off... (she isn't the sort of person who gets ill, so I think some of it is as much the shock that she's succumbed to something at all).

Am pretty tired from rehearsals for 'Pirates of Penzances' and finally coming up with an idea for a cartoon for the student newspaper. I don't know... it wasn't much good but the article I had to work with wasn't my sort of thing to begin with and I am crap at caricatures. Still, as I had been recommended to do it, I couldn't turn it down.

My sisters have now turned into Correspondents groupies, which is fantastic because they can go to all the gigs I can't (until Mr Bruce gets his brogue'd feet up to Mancland for once) and do stuff I'd be too embarrassed to do myself.

EDIT: Having now watched the latest episode of the Review Show, have I ever mentioned how much I love Natalie Haynes? No? Well I do. A lot. A lot a lot.

EDIT 2: I am also in love with Amy Pond. I just... I'll probably get over it, but it's like one of the writers was overhearing all my whining about the previous assistants and decided to be nice to me for once.

I still can't watch those damn angels though *shudders*.

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For some reason my practically perfect program keeps giving me blank output files, my printer is just sitting there with it's light on and 5 jobs pending not making a sound and definitely not printing, the determinant of a simple vbrational-thingy-matrix refuses to be worked out and the Optics tutorial is no closer to becoming any more legible.

Woe. Such woe.


EDIT: Whilst looking around for some equation or other, I came across this about the Abraham-Minkowski controversy. Unlike some, it's almost as exciting as it sounds.

More fascinating stuff here, regarding a new theory as to why miscarriages might occur. It seems there'll be a lot of good stuff in the upcoming issue of New Scientist. 

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Read this article in the New Scientist a few days ago and it reminded me of an interesting conversation I had with a Gilbert&Sullivan associate just under a year ago Preciousness )
*And obviously by 'evolved' I mean over the course of the organisms life-span. Stellar as opposed to biological evolution.


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