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In that great and noble tradition of science students everywhere, due to the fact I am currently running an experiment (a really cool little simulation of linguistic evolution), I will use my time explaining in mind numbing, petty detail just what I thought about the last thing I watched instead of doing data analysis or catching up on sleep.

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Anyway. I think I've spent too long talking about things that, of all the things that bothered me, didn't really bother me that much. I'm going to toddle off, run more simulations and try and catch up on the past few lectures on Superconductors and whatnot. 

And yes, I didn't go much into Mal's character because he was such a pain in the derriere, just thinking about it sends me into such a tizzy I couldn't write any critique in an even moderately coherent fashion.

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Political Satire is Dead,
This I know
Because I watched
The 10 o'clock Live show.
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 So last night was my first viewing of The Review Show since the new year. It didn't get off to a good start when I realised it was being presented by Martha Kearney who I always find a bit too... something. I'm not sure if that something is nice, or insipid. I certainly don't think she's an idiot, however, or lacking in taste.

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The NT is currently showing a theatrical adaptation of 'The Black Album' (non-Travelex) by Hanif Kureishi, 'Mother Courage and Her Children' by Brecht (Travelex, but from 9th September. Will definitely be going to see it), an adaptation of 'Nation' by Terry Pratchett and 'All's Well That Ends Well' by a mysterious new writer by the name of William Shakespeare. I am desperate to go to all four but, 'Nation' is non-Travelex (ie no cheap tickets) and starts from 11th November. 'The Black Album' will be expensive, but at least that starts on the 14th. Otoh, I am trying very hard not to spend the rest of my student loan before the start of term. Oh, first-world problems; they are so very tiresome.

Thinking of Brecht, it was interesting to see that there's a new play by David Hare (is he actually any good or are people just being mean to him as we always are to figures of cultural significance? Everything he's written always seems to get panned) called 'The Power of Yes', supposedly about the the 'crisis of capitalism', but I suspect is really an opportunity for the NT to show how off just how relevant it is. As far as I can tell, it's set in 2008, which doesn't seem at all appropriate, somehow (that's where Brehct comes in - I rather like his principles for political drama chief among them being that one shouldn't set the play in a contemprorary setting).

Still, it might be good. I'll be awaiting the opinions of the august Newsnight Review crew with baited breath.

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This is the stuff that should be on BBC1, particularly as news these days is more about snowmen than actual news (thanks Charlie Brooker!) and particularly seeing how there is an alarming trend for strident - divisive - political and idealogical views and opinions being waved about these days. Ignorance is the root of all suffering, as they say, and no form of ignorance is excused.

EDIT: Oh happy days! Robin Hobb was in Forbidden Planet today signing her new book. A new book! It's set in the Farseer-verse unfortunately - I'm sure it will be awesome, but I was hoping to read some of her utterly fantasmagoric world-building skillz put to a different fantasy universe.
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I'm really not sure why I don't like Torchwood as much as I should and I've been feeling like this ever since the third episode, series one. It has everything I usually crave for in sci-fi*, but for some reason it never seems to get me.

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EDIT: Having just watched the third episode, I can safely say I enjoyed it a lot. There might be hope for me after all.
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It is actually going well. The only problem is that I can't type fast enough - my mind is always some four chapters ahead, poor fingers.

Am also on the verge of completing several chapters worth of revision and have had to open a new file for all the cuts that, whilst they do clog up the story, are quite nice by themselves and can always be referred to for later descriptions/etc.

Watched two episodes of the new series of Private Practice on Living TV. Mein Gott but it's awful - so many issues, my sisters and I spent most of our time pausing it so we could slag it off as thoroughly as possible. One of the things that bugged me was the sheer gall of it, which is one of the same problems I had with the L word, come to think of it, and they're both set in similar locations. A load of privileged nonsense, like Gossip Girl meets ER.

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Further proof that I should just shut up, sit down and write my own goddamn sci-fi drama is Torchwood.Read more... )
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I really hate how 'good' vampires are always 'vegetarian', Read more... )

I'm also curious if anyone knows of any ancient (well, ancient to... late-renaissance perhaps) technqiues used to forecast volcanic eruptions. Earthquakes are a pretty good indicator (I hear!) but I'm particularly interested in the possibility of 'measuring' sulphur dioxide levels in the air via some natural, but obviously misunderstood, phenomena.

As for RL, we've just got the first round of house renting sorted out and I have three weeks until my first exam. I also can't believe that next week will be the last episode of Mad Men for this season, though apparently I'll only have to wait until next year for season 3. With Mad Men gone, that will leave me only Mark Kermode and Newsnight Review. There must be something else on that I might be interested in...?

EDIT: Oddly appropriate given this post, check out Twilight with Cheeseburgers.
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Monday evening saw mother dearest getting into a bit of a tizzy Read more... )

Guess how clueless I can be!A lot? That's right!

Anyway. The third series of Skins has ended as of last week, which I didn't realise until I tried searching for episode 11. Now, I can take that as an indicator of my general cluelessness or as an indicator for my general thoughts about the show.Read more... )

So all in all, doesn't compare to 'Being Human', but was fun all the same. And yes, [ profile] jeebus_uc I am capable of having good taste in TV shows, why?

The Grande Day Out was indeed grand. Had chips and the most amazing cappucino ever at the Haagen Dazs place in Leceister square. Mike was very cool and we even bumped into another Nigerian guy (doing charity stuff for NSPCC) and chatted in the worst Igblish this side of the Atlantic. Took him to the National Gallery (he has never been! A horrific thought, no? He just laughed when I told him this, clearly not understanding how devastating that was for a neek like myself) and around Covent Garden area. He seemed intrigued by steampunk, but I thought it would be stupid to ruin a great friendship so soon. Still, I think he'd be awesome as a 'Steam-Eze' - the Igbo science-pirate with a steampunk twist...

For those of you around Central London, you have to check out the free exhibition on Feliks Topolski, just after the Southbank centre square. 'Tis quite amazing.


*On occasion, I stress. I have noticed I tend to be quite mean to Plato - my Classics teacher was an Epicurean fanboy, alright: there was nothing I could do...!

**OK, lol, I'm just being a meanie-head.


This is why I hate going on the tube, lol: Too many distractions!
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Went to the local Salvation army store and got a nice cheap straw hat to tinker with, when I also picked up a copy of the 'Merlin' DVD for 50p, some old tv movie/series featuring Sam Neill who seems to specialise in this sort of thing. 3 hours or pure tattertainment, the way tv movies do best.

I will make my way down again tomorrow and see if I can find anything else that will prevent me from doing revision. Don't quite know why, but I've always had a weakness for tv movies. I've yet to see a truly bad one - they're either so bad they're good, or just about ok.

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In short, the Internet is amazing.

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Three boys, one girl.

It's an insoluble equation, right?


Polyamory - it's the way to go.

EDIT: Oh yes, and I will be at the webcomix thing tomorrow (from the start pretty much), though the table I was going to be on has been sold on to a friend of the guy who was going to run it. 'Soaring Penguin' is the name it should still be under, but I'll probably be found fan-whoring the Space Babe 113/Beaver and Steve tables.


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