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Spoilers ahead!

So, now having seen this film twice, I think it's safe to say I'm pretty secure in my impression of it. For the time being at least. I must be honest that after the first viewing, I was a bit confused, not quite knowing how I felt. This was - oddly enough - actually my initial reaction to 'District 9' and though the comparison between the two films only goes that far, it's interesting they're for similar reasons: a confusion between how I actually feel and how I think I should feel.

To begin with, the film is pretty decent. The direction is excellent, the acting is superb and the score is more than adequate (so all three of my major boxes ticked). The effects don't always work well (eg. Emma Frost and Beast) but the film has enough energy that you don't really dwell on them when they get really bad. In fact, there were times I got rather caught up in the whole thing as it were. It is a film worth seeing.

As has probably been said elsewhere, Michael Fassbender came very close to stealing the movie for me. For starters, he has similar looks to a young Ian McKellen which makes him physically ideal for the role but he is also capable of generating a remarkable presence. He stands, stops short and moves like a man who knows every inch of his body, the measure of a mercenary. Apparently he was one of the actors along with Daniel Craig who was considered to be the new Bond and I can completely see why. Both he and Craig have this ability to physically inhabit the role of men who can kill up close and personal.

James McAvoy is also brilliant, though occasionally made me feel like laughing as he has a certain John Cleese manner in delivering some of his lines that reminded me of the 'How Not To Be Seen' sketch for some reason:

The chemistry between the two lead actors is terrific and the script was at its strongest when it came to their scenes. Or maybe it was just their acting. Probably the latter actually...

They were easily the best thing about the film - in fact, I could have watched a much longer character drama with a humbler plot and more subtle effects with just those two. The backstory that Magneto spends his youth hunting down Nazis would make an interesting film, though perhaps just too inappropriate. I must confess I can completely understand why people who feel the appropriation of the Shoah for what is little more than a B+ superhero flick to be outrageous. Now I tend to think about these things more deeply, it is more than a little bit uncomfortable for me as well.

Speaking of, Kevin Bacon is also good. I'd love to know if his German is at all convincing but I think he had the right tone and body language as Sebastien Schmidt though the transition between Schmidt and Shaw was a little sudden but meh. He carried it off well, I think. I also think Nicholas Hoult has to be acknowledged as the fascinating actor he is turning out to be. He was by far the best thing in Skins series 1, surprisingly awesome in a 'Single Man' and now this. He should have been Harry Potter. Anyway, I think he nails Beast - in fact, I think there should be more of his characteristics in Charles Xavier actually. For example, when they discover Shaw's plan to cause nuclear war in order to destroy humankind and leave mutants surviving, I really wanted Charles to go into pedant mode and inform everyone that that's not really how it would go down because, well, you know, genes don't actually work that way...

However, obviously the rest of the film I thought was pretty bad which led to the overall feeling of Read more... )

Still like I said, the score is amazing and the acting is all around fine, though January Jones is way outclassed by her colleagues, I'll admit. I might even see it again, just to get even more annoyed!

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I'm not really feeling up to much at the moment. Partly because of exam results and partly because my brain is difficult like that. I really have to start doing more physics, but for some reason I can't quite bring myself to look at the wretched textbooks anymore yet alone work from them.

Anyway, have been very cultural of late - started some new writing and a painting - and went to the cinema over the week. I've been trying to make it more of a regular thing buthaven't got round to posting all my thoughts. Yes, I did go to see the Princess and the Frog and yes, I will put my thoughts on that up soon as well as on BBC's Gormenghast which I recently had the privilege of watching. But for now...

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Overall though... I would have to say it was worse than Avatar which at least never made me want to go to sleep (though as that was as much due to the annoyance it generated, I'm not sure if that's entirely a good thing!). A bit of a shame, really. Personally I think Burton's suffering from the same syndrome as Tarantino - a growing streak of self-indulgence with an increasing lack of charm to carry it off.

A Single Man, however, was incredible. A Single Man )
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Arrived in Manchester yesterday after the train was delayed by over an hour. Got the key to our house, chose a bedroom and proceeded to indulge in a riot of silliness with my little sisters before traipsing off to the city centre to get bedsheets and stuff. Unfortunately, there was too much stuff to get, so I'm leaving most of it for tomorrow and Tuesday. So far, I've only met one of our surprise flatmates and luckily she seems quite nice, though clearly prefers her own company which is fine. The other guy - named Giovanni and yes, he's actually Italian - is apparently very easy going so all in all, that bodes well for the rest of the year.
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Now I'm all on my lonesome (sort of), with my beloved little sisters hurtling back Londonwards on a train and a depressingly long shopping list by my side. I'd like to think we had a thoroughly good time today - we were exhausted for a lot of yesterday which cut down our walkabout of Manchester - firstly at the Manchester Museum (which is such an odd jamboree of all things scholarly, I always liken it to a Victorian gentleman's chest of curiosities. There are dinosaur skeletons, live snake, frog and lizard enclosures, a plethora of stuffed animals and Ancient Egyptian mummies. The eclectic sholarliness is just insane!) and then around the shopping centre. My loving hatred of American Apparel has been successfully rekindled as has my littlest sister's obscene love for it.
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So, to sum up, 'District 9' is very very good. The jarring shift between documentary, realtime footage and traditional narrative is easily smoothed over by the pace and emotional potency of the film. There are indeed race issues, but not of the kind which are deserving of a boycott.

You can, of course, do so anyway, but then you'd miss out on an opportunity to blog about it.

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Went to the local Salvation army store and got a nice cheap straw hat to tinker with, when I also picked up a copy of the 'Merlin' DVD for 50p, some old tv movie/series featuring Sam Neill who seems to specialise in this sort of thing. 3 hours or pure tattertainment, the way tv movies do best.

I will make my way down again tomorrow and see if I can find anything else that will prevent me from doing revision. Don't quite know why, but I've always had a weakness for tv movies. I've yet to see a truly bad one - they're either so bad they're good, or just about ok.

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In short, the Internet is amazing.

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Went to see 'There Will Be Blood' this afternoon avec Dill. The first two thirds were excellent, and the acting was equally satisfying throughout... the last third was a little, 'mm', with little in the way of clearcut motivation (for me, at least). Still, the climax was worth it, and the music for the last scene was suitably jarring.

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I find it amsuing how expenive th 'new writers' courses are (£15-£85). Not interested in the slightest in them, but I took a peek just to see how up and coming local writers find themselves getting supported. Quite impressively, clearly...


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